Fußballstipendium USA ProSoc

Klara Maria Ebert

Faulkner University (formerly 1.FFC Niederkirchen) – ProSoc Showcase

“When I arrived in Alabama, I was quite nervous and intimidated by the idea of living in a completely foreign country for the next year of my life. However, there was no reason to be. Since the first team meeting, I noticed how friendly and accommodating the people are and had no problems making friends with the girls in my team. Through the many trainings, joint activities, and traveling, we quickly grew together as a team and practically became a family. However, Football is only one part of the whole college experience. There have been some big events and competitions from other sports that make the college experience really enjoyable. Going to college is truly a memorable experience and an incredible opportunity to take advantage of. Originally, I had only planned to stay there for one year, but after only a few weeks, I decided to stay longer. In the months I lived in the United States, the people have grown very close to my heart and the so-called “Sweet Home Alabama” really became a second home for me.”
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