Fußballstipendium USA ProSoc

Tomke Dziesiaty

Saint Francis University (formerly SV Henstedt – Ulzburg) – 09/27/2021
“On the first day after I arrived, I was allowed to go to Kenn State with my team and watch our first college game. Unfortunately, we lost 1-0. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable time as I had the opportunity to get to know my coaches and the rest of the team. In the following week, the lectures began. The professors and fellow students were very friendly. I was very warmly welcomed and made new friends quickly. When you play in a team, getting started is quite easy because you can also see familiar faces in some of your lectures.
As a college athlete you are very busy, and you must organize your schedule well. Usually, lectures start in the morning and can last until late afternoon. Of course, this depends on the curriculum. In the evening we go to football training or strength training. Sometimes you have two training sessions in one day. Afterwards, you go to dinner with your friends and then you look for a quiet place to do your homework or study for upcoming exams.”

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