Your Personal Performance Package

With our attractive service package, we have created the highest quality offer in the German market. In this way, we guarantee optimal individual support and to achieve the best scholarship offers for our athletes. With us, the coordination of the entire process; from the first contact to the final placement, remains in one hand.

We evaluate your academic and football requirements and, if the evaluation is positive, we will accept you contractually into our exclusive player pool.

Once a year you have the opportunity to participate in our showcase event where participation is held exclusively for our pool players. Show the US coaches live on site what you are capable of! In addition, the viewing event will be recorded and will be available to the coaches of the US universities for analysis/scouting purposes at the conclusion of the event.

Our video analyst will create a professional highlight video for you so that the US coaches can get an individual overview of you and your football skills.

The TOEFL and SAT examinations are important academic benchmarks that are required for your admission to universities and football associations. We offer you individual solutions for preparation to achieve good test results.

In consultation with you, we conduct negotiations with universities and coaches who are interested in you. We establish contact with the respective contact persons so that you can get an idea of the university, the campus, the team, the coaching staff, and the sports facilities for yourself. In the end, you decide on your desired university.

Together with you, we will find the university that suits you best. In doing so, we also consider the amount of the scholarship, the range of courses on offer, the location of the university, the performance class of the football team and the academic reputation of the respective course of study and the university.

Before signing a scholarship contract, it should be reviewed. We are happy to help you with this.

We will help you register with the NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center so that you can obtain a game permit and participate in all competitions for your university.

We will be happy to inform you which foreign insurance makes sense and is necessary for you so that you are well insured during your study stay in the United States and can concentrate fully on football and your studies.

In the last steps, you must apply for a visa (F1 visa) at the American Embassy to obtain the entry permit to the United States. We accompany and support you in this process.

Quality pays off.

With our success-based model – with a low-down payment in contrast to other providers – we keep your financial risk manageable in the run-up to your mediation. The actual agency fee is only due at the end and only if you decide on an offer – so we differ from other providers through our strongly performance-dependent model with an excellent price to performance ratio. We also want to make it clear that we only include players with good placement opportunities in our support pool. We stand for high quality and individuality in our support and mediation service. Especially through our exclusive partnership with the US Soccer Association and our role as a pure football specialist, the US coaches place a special trust in us when selecting our players – this offers you optimal opportunities to receive higher-quality scholarships and save on high costs in the United States with our help.

Based on our selection process, we allow you a very personal cooperation (no mass placements as with other agencies!). With us, you as a person with your personal goals and needs are in the foreground – That is why we take a lot of time to optimally accompany you in your placement process, especially when you decide on a university and all your questions about football scholarships.

As an official partner of the U.S. Soccer Association, we provide you with our entire network. Your highlight video will be evaluated by members of the Association.


ProSoc stands for the highest quality and customer-orientated contracts.  

We offer a success-based business model and therefore deliberately refrain from high, market-standard down payments in the run-up to the mediation and placement. At the beginning of the cooperation, the inclusion in our player pool only results in a manageable and customer-friendly registration fee – in which several high-quality services are already included, i.e., participation in the showcase and the TOEFL preparation course. Thus, we want to make it clear that we would not include players in our pool of whom we are not 100% convinced.

Only with successful placement at a university in the USA, we finally receive the actual placement fee, whereby each player always decides for himself about the acceptance of a scholarship offer. Thus, we are measured by the actual placement success because we are convinced that we will find the right university for each of our pool players.

Our scholarship offers, which sometimes cover costs between 30,000 and 60,000 US dollars per year, put the initial fee into perspective and make it appear negligible in retrospect.

Thanks to our trusting cooperation and the exclusive contract with the US Soccer Federation, we become aware of high-quality scholarships at an early stage. College coaches have a much higher level of confidence in our selected players due to our football expertise. Our high-quality highlight compilations, as well as our special showcase format also offer the coaches an optimal situation for decision-making to convince themselves of the abilities of our players and to offer valuable scholarships. Consequently, we improve the chances of higher-quality scholarship offers like no other agency!

We are happy to send you the detailed terms and conditions with our current contract models as part of a personal consultation.

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