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As the CEO of ProSoc, Sebastian is responsible for establishing and maintaining our high-quality, nationwide, network. As a former German professional soccer player, Sebastian is a prime example of the importance of having multiple avenues to choose from, after a playing career. Sebastian has lived in New York City and worked alongside reputable companies in the United States Market such as Ernst & Young and Bertelsmann.
Sebastian Korst

Founder and CEO of ProSoc

As the Head of Showcase, Jessica specializes in, and is responsible for the athletes’ care during the university selection process. This includes managing the relationship between Universities in the United States as well as other parties involved. In doing so, Jessica works to ensure a quality experience for each athlete and makes finding the best placement possible for them and their family, the utmost priority.
Jessica Wissmann

Head of Prosoc Showcase

Since 2018, Aline has been part of the ProSoc team. During this time, she has also been able to gain experience working at 1. FC Kaiserslautern, as well as working in the Saarland Soccer Association (DFB). Beforehand, she completed her Sport Management degree at Salzgitter University.
Aline Korst-Höft

Head of Marketing / Sponsoring

As a social media expert and professional video analyst, Maurice is responsible for all digital mediums of ProSoc Showcase.
Maurice Becker

Social Media Manager & Video Analyst

Niklas studierte selbst zweieinhalb Jahre mit einem Fußball-Stipendium an einem US-College, bevor er im Dezember 2021 als Praktikant bei ProSoc begann. Seit Juni 2022 ist er als Athletenbetreuer fester Bestandteil des Showcase-Teams.
Niklas Kleinert


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