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Saskia Wagner

"As soon as I arrived in August, at the airport in Little Rock, I realized that it was super important to my coaches that I feel comfortable and welcomed, as they and a German teammate..."

Franziska Theus

"I'm doing really well right now 🙂 the first few months here were very exciting, but at the same time quite limited due to Corona.... now in my 2nd semester here it is still limited though..."

Tomke Dziesiaty

"The first day, after I arrived, I got to go with my team, to Kenn State and watch the first college game. This we have lost unhappily 1:0. Still, it was a great time..."

Stella Koster

"In my first few months in the U.S., I have already gained a lot of experience. I did some training sessions and met nice teammates or fellow students..."

Alina Siegel

"As of August 2020, I am a student at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky. Actually, the season always takes place in the fall, but due to the pandemic everything has been postponed and our games..."

Yani Diagne

"In 2019, after my sister Aliya was already placed at a U.S. college with ProSoc Showcase, I also chose the ProSoc route. 😉💪 In the U.S., I..."

Klara Marie Ebert

"When I arrived in Alabama 🇺🇸 I was pretty nervous and intimidated by the idea of living the next year of my life in a completely foreign place. However, there was no reason to do so at all..."

Tjorven Bruns

fter more than four months in the U.S., I've been back home for a few days and am taking a little break from the biggest adventure of my life so far. The last days before I start my trip in July ...

Laura Freigang

Laura played for TSV Schott Mainz before moving to the USA. Against lucrative offers from the women's Bundesliga, Laura decided to go to the United States in the summer of 2016....

Contributions from the media

Between party and pro hope: auditioning for a college chance

On-site appointment at the end of January, a soccer event that seems exotic by local standards: 15 talented players meet for a weekend in Kaiserslautern to recommend themselves for scholarships to US colleges...

Agency head Korst on college path: 'Some play for their second chance'

Sebastian Korst runs the ProSoc agency, which places German talent with U.S. colleges. In this interview, he talks about requirements, scholarship opportunities - and why colleges actually cost so much for their sports teams.

The path to becoming a professional via the USA / Prosoc Showcase Event January 2022

The weekend was all about soccer and college studies. That's because the annual ProSoc Showcase event is used by U.S. college coaches to fill their roster spots and by ProSoc pool players to showcase themselves to coaches.

Coaches in interview

Dr. Steven Dooley

Prosoc Headcoach 2020
1. FC Kaiserslautern (U19)

Eric Tepee

Coach @ Fairleigh Dickinson University

Scott Gyllenborg

Coach @ McKendree University, Illinois

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