Fußballstipendium USA ProSoc

Laura Freigang

Penn State University (Today Eintracht Frankfurt)
Laura F. played for TSV Schott Mainz before moving to the United States. Contrary to lucrative offers from the women’s Bundesliga, Laura decided to go to the United States in the summer of 2016 to combine studies and competitive football at the renowned Penn State University – a top team in NCAA Division 1. Among the motivations were above all the popularity of women’s football in the United States, as well as the professional conditions under which she can develop there athletically and academically. Laura has also continued to be on the ball in the junior national team and has been regularly released by Penn State University for international matches and tournaments.

In an interview before her stay in the United States, Laura gives exclusive insights into the role football plays in her life, what goals she pursues in football and what she hopes to gain from her experience in the United States.

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